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Customer Success Story: Empowering Business Growth Through Flexible Storage Solutions


Discover how Plumbers on Call partnered with U Can Store to optimise their storage facilities, overcoming challenges and achieving cost-effective, flexible storage solutions.

Plumbers on Call, a widely recognised plumbing company in Johannesburg, faced the challenge of tailoring their storage facilities for affordability and flexibility. Seeking a strategic partner, they turned to U Can Store, known for our cost-effective and flexible storage solutions. This customer success story explores how Plumbers on Call and U Can Store collaborated to overcome challenges, implement innovative solutions, and achieve positive results for Plumbers on Call. 

About the Client: Plumbers on Call

Plumbers on Call is a reputable plumbing service provider offering 24/7 assistance to customers across Johannesburg. Specialising in prompt and reliable plumbing solutions, they ensure swift resolutions to a variety of plumbing issues, including blocked drains and sewers, emergency plumbing, geyser solar, leak detection, burst pipes, as well as servicing taps, pipes and toilets.

Read more about Plumbers on Call. 

The Challenge: Storage, Accessibility, and Flexibility 

When Plumbers on Call approached us, they were grappling with several pain points including: 

  • Secure Storage Facility: 

    Ensuring the safety and protection of valuable inventory and assets against theft or damage.

  • Central Location:

    Establishing a convenient hub for seamless interactions and transactions between their suppliers. 

  • Flexibility in Storage Needs:

    Adapting storage options to accommodate fluctuating inventory levels and evolving business requirements efficiently.

These challenges hindered their ability to manage inventory and assets effectively and serve their customers efficiently. 


The Solution: Affordable, Secure, and Flexible Storage Solutions

When providing this storage solution, we had to strategically consider factors such as:

  • long-term savings
  • changing tenant needs
  • affordability of tenants
  • and meeting on-site parking requirements. 

Balancing these considerations while ensuring a cost-effective and flexible storage solution required careful navigation. 

U Can Store took a proactive approach to address these challenges:

  • We assessed the availability of parking and made necessary arrangements to accommodate the parking needs, including offering overnight parking. 

  • The other solutions we provided included a comprehensive storage solution consisting of flexible lease terms, affordability, and enhanced security measures.

The Results

The positive impact of our services was evident in the growth and success of Plumbers on Call. 

  • By providing low operating costs, secure, and flexible storage facilities, our tenant was able to expand their operations with minimal overhead expenses. 
  • There has been a growth in their fleets and the provision of short-term extra space at critical points in their journey. 

These results demonstrated the tangible benefits of U Can Store's storage solutions.

Apart from providing our storage space, we maintained a positive working relationship with Plumbers on Call, which played a crucial role in maximising the benefits of our offerings. 

Through open communication and proactive collaboration, we addressed their needs effectively, fostering trust and reliability. This partnership approach not only facilitated the smooth implementation of storage systems, but also fostered a sense of trust and reliability between our teams.

We have found the unit central and cost-effective. Annelize, Paula and Jennifer are lovely to work with. Both John and Bob are helpful and friendly.” - Ana

Recommendation and Longevity

The single biggest reason clients recommend U Can Store's storage offering is our combination of affordability, security, central location, and flexibility. With a track record of success spanning six years and ongoing partnerships, U Can Store continues to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient and cost-effective storage space.


In today's dynamic business landscape, the benefits of efficient storage solutions go beyond organisation and inventory management; they are instrumental in driving operational agility, cost-effectiveness, and ultimately, sustainable growth.

Whether it's safeguarding valuable assets, streamlining operations, or enabling scalability, the right storage infrastructure forms the backbone of success for businesses across industries.

Our collaboration with Plumbers on Call highlights the impact that strategic storage solutions can have on businesses. By addressing the intricate challenges of affordability, security, and flexibility, we empowered them to navigate their growth trajectory with confidence.

Beyond the metrics, our partnership with Plumbers on Call underscores the significance of trust, communication, and collaboration in achieving mutual success.

Customer success stories like this reaffirm our dedication to excellence and fuel our  pursuit of innovation. At U Can Store, we don't just provide storage facilities; we catalyse business growth, one partnership at a time.

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