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Pros of a turnkey solution vs self-setup



Does your business require the convenience of a turnkey storage solution? 

Every business is as unique as its founders and employees. You could be a one-person outfit with a desk, laptop, and a few loose-standing boxes making up the bulk of the business inventory. Or your retail business comprises a bustling team and  storage requirements for stock on the move. At U Can Store , we have self-storage units for those who need professional self-storage solutions and  we also offer a turnkey solution that includes office space with the convenience of a storage facility on the premises. 

Not sure which solution makes sense for your business? Here’s why many business owners opt for the convenience of a turnkey solution. 

Turn-key solution

Let’s first look at what exactly a turnkey storage solution is. It’s a fully managed storage solution that comes with storage space and is ready to go with everything your business needs: Storage facilities for stock and a working office space with electricity, Wi-Fi, security, and meeting rooms for the operational side of things.

Simplifying your storage experience

Perhaps the best argument for an all-inclusive storage solution is convenience. With turnkey storage solutions, you can conveniently set up shop in a facility while your inventory and other items are stored safely on the same premises. 

Seamless inventory solutions

We’ve got everything on-site, from boxes to packing tape - and even a forklift, if needed - to speed up the process of moving stock into storage, all the while running your operations from your on-site office space. 

These logistical efficiencies can improve many sides of your business, such as  speeding up turnaround times for delivering on online orders.

Reduced real-estate costs 

By consolidating costs, an all-inclusive storage and office space facility can be more cost-effective in the long run. Our ready-to-go office and storage units can save you money on long-term rental agreements and other upfront costs. 

Reduce travel time

The less time spent on South African roads the better! Whether you’re stuck in traffic on the way to work, or running late on deliveries due to logistical inefficiencies. You can reduce time spent travelling between locations by having your offices and storage facilities on the same premises. It all comes back to increasing business efficiency. 

Better inventory management

A turnkey storage solution gives you better oversight over stock levels by allowing you to check stock on a regular basis, even after hours. This prevents running out of stock, and reduces costly delays in fulfilling orders. 


On-site storage and office facilities give you the flexibility to cost-efficiently scale as your business grows. Need more space to store an overflow of stock? Increase your storage capacity with ease. Suddenly need more hands on deck due to booming business? Rent more office space in a familiar environment without having to renegotiate contracts with another service provider. 

Flexibility ties in with scalability. Let’s face it, a business is in constant flux, whether it’s month-to-month revenue or the ever-changing size of your team. A turn-key solution gives you the flexibility to scale facilities on either end, storage or office operations, as your needs change. We also don’t tie our clients to lengthy contract agreements. 

If you want easy, around-the-clock access to stock, top-tier security, and a flexible cost-structure that could benefit your business in the long run, turn-key storage may be for you. 


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