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Self-Storage for Home Renovators

Renovating your household is a fun process, but a messy one. It takes planning, consistency, a robust budget, and vision for your household to come out the other side with a pleasing result. Have no fear though, you’ve got this.

While you’re exercising your design insight and refining your property into the household you know it can be, it’s worth making a few administrative efforts for a seamless process. Chief among these is preparing your property for safety, and keeping your family members and possessions safe.

Of course, family members can always move out temporarily, stay with family members, or use rented accommodations while your home is being renovated. In some cases, they can even live on one side of the home as you renovate the other, using hot plates and laundry services in the meantime.

Another excellent option? Self-storage services. Not only do these well-curated serviced areas protect your belongings, but they’re affordable, flexible, and scaleable. Let’s consider how to get the best out of self-storage during your home renovation services, with insight from UCanStore.


Secure Furniture For Safety & Preservation

Proactively utilising self-storage services during a home renovation will keep your prized belongings safe, indiscriminately, no matter if that involves electronics, furniture, or prized items. Renovation areas can be hazardous not only physically but in terms of the debris they cause, with dust, waste, and heavy machinery posing risks to delicate items. 

Moreover, self-storage units offer a secure environment, shielding your possessions from potential theft. This peace of mind is priceless, as you can focus on the renovation without worrying about the safety of your cherished belongings.

Paint roller laying in paint

Creating Logistical Ease Of Access During Renovation

Renovations commonly involve significant disruptions to your living space, and that makes it challenging to navigate through your home safely and efficiently. If you store non-essential items in a self-storage unit, you can create clear pathways and open areas within your home, allowing the movement of construction workers and equipment without worry. Do you really need to worry if your prize cabinet or expensive television will be dented or cracked by a workman, however accidentally? One trip to self-storage services can put that concern to rest.

Additionally, self-storage are convenient and accessible to use, allowing you to retrieve or deposit items as needed throughout the renovation process, usually at your own schedule. This flexibility can be particularly useful when you need to access specific items temporarily or store newly purchased materials or fixtures.


Improving Safety & Utility

It’s not just convenience, but safety that should motivate your renovation plans. As well as protecting belongings and making space, self-storage can improve the overall safety and use of your renovation project. When you have fewer obstacles and clutter, you can easily divide space to knock through that wall, or even open up part of your home as you redevelop the foundations. A renovation outfit might even refuse to work on your home until all furniture has been removed, as the risk assessment and fire hazards might be too great. Self-storage units solve that problem immediately.

With this advice, we hope you can get the best out of UCanStore Self-Storage services during your exciting home renovation.