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The pros and cons of storage solutions for your small business

Small business owner in front of storage

Whatever the growth trajectory of your small business, an affordable storage solution – and a service provider that supports you – is the most cost-effective next step to ensuring that your company thrives. A good business storage unit will be more than a way to meet your space requirements, it’s also a way to allow your business to grow without anchoring it down to long-term costs.

Small businesses know that the only constant is change. This means that your company might be growing in ways you didn’t anticipate, or it might be time to adapt or pivot so you can make space for the growth you want.
However, growth trajectory can be uncertain, which is why we offer scalable solutions that anticipate constant change, whether that means increasing your storage month to month or adding an office to your rental solution.
But are there some disadvantages to renting business storage space? We believe there can be, especially if a space isn’t used optimally.

As a business storage solutions provider, we took the time to consider other drawbacks of renting storage space for your business and assessed whether the pros of business storage rental outweigh the cons. 


Seasonal needs:

Many small businesses might only need storage for certain months of the year. Clothing companies, for instance, need a place to store their winter stock in the summer months, while outdoor service providers need different equipment depending on the weather. This allows you additional flexibility as your business grows and contracts with the seasons. 

Cost-effective expansion:

It might be too costly to jump from your start-up premises to a larger warehousing solution, which is why business storage space is the most affordable middle-man for businesses looking to scale up without breaking the bank.

If you’re outgrowing your space, consider one of U Can Store’s business storage solutions for a long-term close collaborative partnership. Our storage space and offices are safe and clean, upholding a high standard of professionalism that reflects in your business. 


When it comes to business storage solutions, it’s important to factor in your business’s potential and make accommodations for future growth. And, when contemplating how small businesses might expand it’s important to carefully evaluate your space requirements, for both operational and storage needs. 

For instance, you might not need to jump to a bigger (and more costly) office or shop space just yet, but maybe you need a little more breathing room. Renting storage space allows you to test the waters without committing to an expensive space you might not be able to afford every month as you grow. 

Additional security:

Unfortunately, selling stock from your garage (a common example we see) is setting yourself up for opportunistic crime. Our facilities have 24/7 security with armed and emergency response. We also have electric fences surrounding our facilities, meaning you have complete peace of mind that your business, stock and everything else stored at our facilities will be safe and secure - just as you left them. 


Additional overheads:

For businesses that need to cut back, the extra cost of renting business storage space can cut into your profit margin.. Nevertheless, we know that decluttering your workspace can reduce office overwhelm and boost your team’s productivity. 

Moreover, by assessing the terms of a rental contract, you can make sure that the cost of your storage unit best serves your business. Consider the contract’s duration and any potential hidden fees. Is your service provider upfront with you?

Your office space and storage unit are on two separate properties:

You need a business storage solution that best suits your business’s activities, which means that location is key. But time is money, so even if your storage unit is conveniently located and close to your operational headquarters, you’ll always need to factor in additional trips to secure the item/s you need, when you need them.

What's the Verdict?

All in all, if you’re in the throes of growth where your finances are unpredictable, the advantages of renting storage space for your small business outweigh any disadvantages. The increased flexibility, security and ability to grow are reasons many consider storage space as a growth option.  
U Can Store wants you to feel supported with all the solutions you need for your business to thrive. Knowing when and how to utilise your business storage space could be the winning ticket to success.


Need a bespoke business storage solution for your growing company’s unique needs? Book a consultation with one of U Can Store’s storage experts today. 

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